Why do we need another charity?

THE PHUKET COMMUNITY FOUNDATION is not like a conventional charity. For a start, it has a sweeping remit. See our mission statement here.

Some of Phuket's architectural heritage is beautifully preserved. But a lot is neglected and crumbling: just one challenge for Phuket.

Some of Phuket's architectural heritage is beautifully preserved. But a lot is neglected and crumbling: just one challenge for Phuket.

How on earth is the PCF going to do all of this? Simple: It’s not. To use an analogy, the PCF is to charitable or community work what a bank is to industry. Banks make nothing. They do not own factories, hire workers or turn steel into cars. What they do instead – and it’s a vital role – is support industry and commerce through funding, through expert advice and by providing transparency.

In much the same way, the PCF was established, not to compete with existing community organisations and charities but to support them by helping to source funds, by providing expert advice or volunteers and by giving social projects the transparency that is otherwise often lacking. Here are some examples of how we can help:

  • After the 2004 Asian Tsunami, billions of baht were raised overseas for a multitude of causes. Much of this came in informally, brought in and distributed by the donors or their friends. But for major, high profile, projects (rebuilding schools, for example), it was necessary to set up a Thai foundation – an excruciatingly cumbersome process – and who would be the Thai partners? By partnering with the PCF, such donors can avoid all the hassle, knowing that the money will be accounted for in a transparent way, and will be applied where it is needed, and nowhere else.
  • Say you have a wonderful idea for improving Phuket, and you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and do it. But you know that you need some expert help, or some funding, or willing bodies to do the spade work. Come to us. We’ll put you together with the right people.
  • Or maybe you are an engineer, an expert in drainage or in education, and you want to share your knowledge to the good of the community – but you’re not quite sure how or where. Let us know. We’ll find someone who needs your expertise.
  • Maybe you don’t think you have a particular expertise but you do want to help by giving up some of your free time. Again, let us know. We’ll add you to our database and, when a community or charity project needs willing bodies, we’ll be in touch.
  • Finally, of course, you may want to make a donation of funds, or in kind. But you’re not quite sure who needs it most. Rest assured – we can tell you.

Now do you see how it works? It’s the entire community – people who live here and those who may not live here all the time but who love Phuket – getting together to make a difference in hundreds of ways.

Contact us now (use the comment form below) and get on the database. As soon as someone needs what you’re offering we’ll be in touch. You can be sure of that.

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    Perhaps you could be more specific about your needs?

  2. Tatyana #

    Hi, I am visiting Phuket, staying in Karon and I am interested in volunteering my time. I will be happy to help. Please email your contact information if you think I could be of any assistance to you. Thank you. Tanya

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