Final result from Race Day: Just under B600,000

The numbers are finally in. The PCF realised a net income of just under B600,000 baht from Race Day 2011. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Donations/sponsorships/race fees/coupon sales:                           B499,243
  • Duck race ticket sales:                                                               B224,100
  • Total income:                                                                                B723,343
  • Expenditure:                                                                                 B124,414
  • Net income:                                                                              B598,929

We spent a further B25,500 on “capital”  items (such as rubber ducks) which can be reused next time, so this cost is not included in the final figures for the day.

Also not included is the value of donations in kind, such as Laguna Phuket allowing us to use the Latitude marquee and building the duck machine; and the prizes for the duck race. The prizes alone were valued at a total of B1.4 million.

The event was bigger and considerably more effective in fund-raising terms than the event in November 2009, when the net income was around B150,000. This year the PCF sold 1,494 duck race tickets, compared with 1,000 at the previous event.

Finally, we need to ask you for a favour: We have already made a list of things that did not work so well, but we need feedback from people who took part or just came along to enjoy the day. Don’t worry about offending us – criticism is valuable to us if we are to go on improving the event. Please send your comments by email to

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02 2011

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