Our Projects

AS A GRANT-MAKING ORGANISATION, we spend most of our time raising money and then giving it away to people or groups who are doing good things for Phuket as a whole, or for parts of it, or for their own local communities.

We hope you will decide to back one or more of these groups by giving money or goods, or by offering your expert help.

Twice a year the PCF calls for grant applications. Our first call was earlier this year, and after consideration of all the applicants we awarded funding to 11 groups. Most are local community initiatives to provide work and incomes for village people. To see details of these projects, click here.

We also have a couple of ongoing programmes that we run ourselves, with the help of a cluster of generous individuals and organisations. These are the toy libraries and the motorbike rear light replacement programme. We believe these are worth doing, and they also valuable for helping to raise our public profile.

In addition to these activities, the PCF provides banking services for people doing good things in Phuket, such as the Jennifer Sticher Foundation, which is paying for six young Thais to become doctors, and Tripz 4 Kidz, which takes children from poor homes for fun days out.

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