Beauty spot and water supply

Volunteers dig accumulated debris out from behind the small dam at Huay Nam Tor.

The local people of Moo (Village) 7 in Sai Yuan, Rawai, got together for a day to hack away at the jungle and make repairs to a small dam. The aim was twofold: to improve water supplies in the village and to create a beauty spot similar to Phuket’s two existing waterfalls, at Ton Sai and Bang Pae, which attract many people, tourists and locals alike.

We liked this project because it involved lots of local people, along with 15 sailors from the Royal Thai Navy who came with weed-whackers, so we put B5,000 in the pot for food. It also attracted other foundations such as the Kusondharm Foundation, which supplied water, and the local Coca-Cola distributor, who supplied Coke.

Also at the event were a number of local politicians, so we hope that this will receive continuing funding for future clean-ups and improvements. If you feel like donating food or drinks, or would like to know when the next session is so that you can come and do some spade work, contact us.

The site is up in the hills above Rawai and apart from being a delightful wooded spot with a tumbling stream, also has wide views across Rawai/Naiharn and the  sea beyond.

For the location, go here on Google Earth: 7º 48′ 15.13″ N, 98º 19′ 04.77″ E.

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