Coconut shell ornaments

Local children watch as the Kala Rawai group make a mobile from pieces of coconut shell..

These people have a small open-sided shed in Rawai, in which they hand-make lanterns and other decorative items from coconut shell. They asked for funding for more equipment (drills, polishers and so on) and we decided to make a grant of B15,000 for this.

They also are looking for someone to give them training to improve their products which, it has to be admitted, are rather rough-and-ready, and not at present likely to sell for very much money.

It is possible to make highly sophisticated, beautiful artifacts from coconut shell (Sri Lanka seems to excel in this). We believe that a volunteer designer is needed to come up with more sophisticated, professional-looking designs.

The group will also need training in more sophisticated, difficult techniques, and this in turn will probably require the purchase of additional equipment.

If you want to donate to this group, or if you think you can help them improve the product quality, please contact us.

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