Herbal Drinks

The ladies of the Herbal Drinks Group, with their products.

This group all live in the same hamlet in Rawai, and produce drinks from locally-grown herbs such as lemon grass, pandanus leaf and butterfly pea.

They asked for a grant for equipment to increase productivity and we gave them B8,500. They still need another B21,000 for more equipment.

They also need help from bottling experts. The drinks are currently packaged in cheap plastic bottles with home-made labels. Because of health concerns (chemicals leaching into the drinks) and aesthetics, we have recommended that they use glass bottles with professionally designed labels – so they also need a designer for this job.

This may cost more, but we feel that the superior packaging will allow them to charge more, and the switch to glass will make buyers fell more secure and will thus widen the potential market.

So if you:

  • Can advise/help with glass bottles
  • Can design professional labels for the drinks


  • Want to donate funds,

Please contact us.

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